Tomball Bible's Student Ministry exists to bring glory to God through equipping students with the tools needed to fulfill the Great Commission.  The three core values with which we equip our students for the role of ministry (The Great Commission):  KNOW (why you believe what you believe), LIVE (in lifestyle and in community) and SHARE (because you just can't contain it) the truth.
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Konnection (Not a Dating Service) is our weekly worship service for Jr High students (grades 7 and 8). To find out more, come visit us and check out the music, games and most importantly the message.
- Who: 7 - 8th Grade
- When: Wednesdays during the school year 7-8 p.m.
- Where: Oxford House (Student Center)
- What: Weekly Worship

I'll Fly Away (Psalms) from Tomball Bible Students on Vimeo.

Prime Time is a monthly Sunday night worship event for high school students marked by fun videos, music and practical teaching from the Bible. Prime Time is a great opportunity for newcomers to check out our High School Ministry. We hope you'll join us!
- Who: 9 - 12th Grade
- When: Sept. 11, Oct. 9, Nov. 13, Dec. 4
- Where: Oxford House (Student Center)
- What: High School Worship
When it comes to environments for spiritual growth, Tomball Bible Church thinks circles are better than rows. This is why Small Groups are one of the heartbeats of our Student Ministry. Hosted at the church and led by adult volunteers, they meet throughout the year building biblical community and fostering discipleship relationships. Everyone is welcome! Groups are divided by gender and grade (7-12).
- Who: 7 - 12th Grade
- When: Various days during the school year 7-8 p.m.
- Where: Tomball Bible Church
- What: Small Group Study
This is the time during the week where our students are taught to know the truth of God’s Word. Sunday School is divided by gender and grade (7-12).
- Who: 7 - 12th Grade
- When: Sundays, 9:15 am
- Where: Oxford House (Student Center)
- What: Bible Teaching


Jr. High Retreat 2014 (Unconventional Wisdom) from Tomball Bible Students on Vimeo.

Each Fall we load up our Jr. high students and head out to Camp Tejas. We spend the weekend living the truth of God’s Word, building relationships and of course having Jr. High fun - hayrides, campfires, messy games and mud pits.
- Who: 7 - 8th Grade
- When: November 4 - 6, 2016
- Where: Camp Tejas, Giddings, TX
- What: Retreat  
- Cost: $120
Each Winter our Senior High students and chaperones make the trek by charter bus to Colorado for 3 days of skiing over the Christmas break. We take beginners to advanced skiers, so no need to worry about how well you ski. This trip always fills up quickly, so check the details below and don’t delay in registering.
- Who: 9 - 12th Grade
- When: December 16 - 21, 2016
- Where: Crested Butte, Colorado
- Cost: $600.00
What can we say? There is a barn and there is a dance! We use this opportunity to raise money for our student mission trips to Papua New Guinea. We also enjoy getting together for some fun!!
- Who: Whole Family
- When: April 8, 7-10 pm
- Where: Frey Pavilion
- What:Dance / Fundraiser
- Cost: $5

Are You Gonna Come to REVERB 2015 from Tomball Bible Students on Vimeo.

February = Reverb! This is Student Ministry’s biggest event of the year! It’s our “in house” retreat for 7th - 12th grade students. While worship and activities are held at the church, host families house our students for the weekend. The weekend is packed with exceptional teaching, amazing worship, and! intentional focus on relationship building!
- Who: 7 - 12th Grade
- When: February 17, 2017
- Where: Tomball Bible Church
- What: "In House" Retreat
Our Student Ministry aligns itself under the Tomball Bible Church Mission Initiative and is actively involved in missions. Each summer we send two groups of students to help missionaries in the field.


Our HighSchool students serve by running a week long youth camp at Destino del Reino, a bi-lingual Christian home and school in Honduras.
Who: High School students and parents
When: Girls' trip June 25th-July 2nd/Guy's trip July 2nd - July 9th
Where: Destino del Reino

Papa New Guinea
Our graduated seniors, who have completed the mission/discipleship program, will be partner with Greg and Heidi Greenlaw in village outreach.
Every summer the Student Ministry hosts four events called 7/11. The unique name comes from the fact that they are held from 7-11pm. These nights are open to Jr. & Sr. High students, and are filled with a variety of fun activities. They provide an opportunity for students to live the truth by building relationships and community.
- Who: 7 - 12th Grade
- When: June 10th - Summer Kickoff; July 22nd - Necessary Neon; 7-11PM
- Where: Tomball Bible Church
- Cost: $5
Swim-n-Study is an opportunity for our Jr. High students to combine outdoor water fun with Bible study. Just as the title implies, our students take time to study the Word and then spend time enjoying the cool water on a hot summer day.
- Who: 7 - 8th Grade
- When: June 16th, 23rd, 30th; 12:00 - 2:PM
July 14th 21st, 28th
- Where: Host home - Peltier Home
- What: Bible Study & Swimming
Pop-Up Events are a spontaneous brain combustion of powerful thoughts from our deeply theological Student Ministry staff. These events are not planned in order to allow the Holy Spirit to move in order to show us which random day, time and place we should "Fellowship"! These random spontaneous brain combustions will happen once a month with little to no time around which to plan your calendar (one week to be exact). Random places that we have depleted - random word for places we have had this event so far - Tomball Bowl, Bouncing Bears, Trampoline Park and Foam Pits.
- Who: Home schoolers, Public schoolers, Private schoolers, and No schoolers
- When: We don't know
- Where: We don't know
- Cost: We don't know


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Help serve our students!! If you have a passion to serve young people, then come and partner with our Student Ministry. We have a place for you. If you would like more information about serving with our youth. complete and submit the application, and Shaun will be in touch with you.
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